Attendant Care

Attendant Care is a service The Opportunity Club offers to individuals who live in their own home and could benefit from one-on-one support. Our clients have a wide range of needs, some clients only need a few hours of support per week, while others may need many hours per day.

Our mentors are amazing people who want to help you pursue the things you are passionate about, and assist you in your goals of health, wellness, and independence. Through fun, hard work, determination, and the recognition that we are all human and make mistakes we will overcome life’s obstacles with you. Our mentors are mindful, present, and care about your success. We love to celebrate you and all the things that make you great! The Opportunity Club will help you to find a mentor that suits your life best.

The Opportunity Club helps people live rich, meaningful lives by being mindful of your preferences, focusing on your personal choices, and getting to know you in a way that helps us to communicate and support you best.

Attendant Care: How can we assist you with your daily life?

Here are some ideas:

  • Menu planning
  • Baking and cooking meals
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Hygiene routines and reminder systems
  • Mobility support
  • Budgeting, and making a plan to pay bills and save money
  • Assistance with daily errands
  • Coordinating medical care.
  • Health and Wellness routines and activities
  • Get out into the community for activities and events
  • Meet personal goals and reach for your dreams!


If you are an adult living with a diagnosed developmental or intellectual disablity, live in your own home, and live in Oregon you should qualify for Attendant Care Services. Contact your Case Worker through DHS or your Personal Agent through Brokerage Services and let them know you would like to work with The Opportunity Club for your attendant care needs.

More Information

For more information reach out to our agency director, Leah Tanous at

Attendant Care Services help you to live, work, and thrive in your community.