Direct Support Services

Our attentive and highly trained Direct Support Professionals create meaningful relationships with clients to pursue their goals and explore their interests.

Meal planning and preparing

There’s a lot that goes into a healthy lifestyle! Our Direct Support Professionals Support clients in all aspects of meal planning and preparation. We meet clients at their existing skill level, and build upon that to increase independence and pursue health and wellness.

Community Inclusion

Get out and have some fun! Our Direct Support Professionals support clients in getting out into their community to enjoy life, build connections, and explore what our beautiful Portland Northwest has to offer. Whether that be cheering on the Trail Blazers, winning big at the local arcade, or visiting the animals at the Oregon Zoo, our community is vast and we love joining clients on adventures.

Exercise & Getting Active

Exercise is more fun with The Opportunity Club! Our team of Direct Support Professionals work with clients to build healthy habits that improve overall health and wellness. Whether it’s going to the gym to shoot some hoops, going on a walk around the block, or taking a scenic hike, the opportunities are endless.


Spread your wings with our team of Direct Support Professionals by your side! The Opportunity Club is composed of skilled and trained professionals who assist clients in living true to their authentic selves. For our clients who are really invested in their personal growth, we will support them in networking with mental health professionals and behavioral health professionals. Our team is great at listening, and supporting you in gaining emotional regulation skills. Who doesn’t want to feel less stressed, more calm, and at ease with who they are and their everyday journey?

Accessing Community Resources

The Opportunity Club’s team is great at connecting clients with the resources they need to be successful, happy, and supported. Whether it be navigating a scholarship to go play some hoops at a THPRD court for free, obtaining free food and clothing, or completing paperwork for rental assistance we’ve got you covered. The Portland Northwest has a ton of resources, and our team assists clients in navigating these complex systems.
One of our agency’s specialties is supporting clients in obtaining affordable housing.

Building Social Network

Health and wellness is incredibly influenced by our network of support and the ability to lean on one another when in times of need. Our agency sends out a flyer every month to clients that invites them to weekly events. Events are a great way to meet new people, explore and build connections. Check out our “Events” page for more information about current and past events.

Shopping & Budgeting

Whether shopping for comfy shoes or a new bookshelf, The Opportunity Club’s Direct Support Professionals assist clients in budgeting their spending to ensure bills are paid too! At the store we will be there to assist clients in getting the best deal, reading and understanding nutrition labels, navigating self-checkout and anything else needed.

Medical Advocacy

Health and wellness is best overseen and directed by medical professionals. Our team of Direct Support Professionals support clients in scheduling, attending, and navigating medical appointments. Health is complex, and we are here to support clients in understanding their after-care summaries and following through with doctor’s guidance.

Critical Thinking

At The Opportunity Club we realize that all day we are making decisions, our role as a Direct Support Professional is to assist clients in navigating their available choices. Our team can support clients in thinking through decisions to consider risks, benefits, and potential outcomes. We promise not to make decisions for you, and will stick with you through decisions that lead to great outcomes, and decisions that lead to some struggles or difficulty.


Our team believes in supporting clients to pursue and exercise their rights as citizens. With The Opportunity Club we do our best to increase a client’s ability to stand up for their needs, wishes, preferences, and equal treatment. Our team’s Direct Support Professionals will model how to set boundaries with others, and affirm a client’s inherent worth and abilities.


Living a healthy lifestyle includes habits and routines of self-care. We support clients in maintaining their hygiene routine and all other aspects of self-care. Whether you need physical support to shave, a reminder to shower, or a trip to the salon for a haircut we are here to meet you at your level of self-love and self-care needs.

Skill Building

At The Opportunity Club we are always learning. Our team of Direct Support Professionals will be by your side to support you in learning new skills, exploring hobbies, and gaining knowledge to complete novel tasks and activities.

“If one has courage, nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

Maya Angelou

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