Team Member Testimonials

Being a Direct Support Professional is so much more than the title. This position pushes employees to be the best version of themselves- to learn, grow, set boundaries, and mentor those around them. Our team takes pride in being different, in learning how to make a difference in others’ lives without causing damage along the way. We pick up the pieces, help our clients put them together, and provide access to resources that increase their independence, confidence, and self-advocacy skills. Along the way, we are changed and inspired by our little community we call, “TOC.”


“Working at Opportunity Club is very unique in the fact that it’s a job you really are excited to come into everyday. You truly know that you’re making an effective difference in the lives our clients and also their families as well. Being able to participate in that community environment is something truly special. The flexibility of the schedule is quite nice and being able to ensure that yourself and the client not only have fun together but are the correct match. The beautiful thing about this job is that there is no typical day unless you have a client who benefits from a schedule that follows the same routine every time. The best part of my job is knowing that I’m provided with the ability and tools to make a meaningful difference in not only my clients lives but the surrounding community. “


“I have always loved working with people in a way that helps them grow. I worked with small children for years and am very thankful for the opportunity to work with adults. When I first started working as a Direct Support Professional for The Opportunity Club I wasn’t sure what I would be doing. Over the past seven, nearly eight months I have been blessed to support a client with medical advocacy, learning alongside this wonderful human about how I can be there in her life. I have enjoyed supporting multiple clients with mental health appointments, budgeting support, running errands, becoming confident in asking for help, and understanding and filling out paperwork. I have enjoyed supporting clients with housing needs and applying for many different services.  Making any difference, small or large to ensure positive growth and even a change in mood is amazing. While all days are different and full of new challenges and events, I can always find gratitude in the day. 

One thing that most people struggle with is time. We often feel the need  to rush through the moment, the hour, the day. We want to see results. Working for The Opportunity Club has given me the chance to watch results take place over time. What I have learned is that there is no way to rush results and that is a beautiful thing. Though there can be stress in times that we have to watch others wait and stress, it can feel difficult, yet watching the results can be the equivalence of watching someone’s health or housing finally come together. This is eye opening and awe inspiring. I try to remember these moments when life is difficult for clients because supporting them emotionally as well as with real life goals is fulfilling and worth every second. 

Every day I feel a sense of thankfulness to be able to work for The Opportunity Club. I am able to do work that is real and that makes a difference with an honest agency and owner.” 


“A recent experience that comes to mind is with my newest client. I just was driving a client to their destination to purchase a table for some model trains. The client thanked me repeatedly for helping out and all I could think was, “of course, why not?” Sometimes our clients just need a companion to bounce ideas off, they are often hesitant to ask because of past experiences. It felt good to give this client the opportunity to relax and just enjoy our time together. The client had recently lost their best friend, and they really just needed someone to replace that friend they lost.”

“Without you, I don’t know if I’d be here anymore.”

– Anonymous TOC Client

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