About Us

“We are a small team of talented direct support professionals and employment professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. The Opportunity Club offers the people we serve innovative quality support and assistance that leads to growth and independence, while overcoming obstacles and achieving their highest potential. Our philosophy emphasizes equity- working from a lens filtered by social justice, we empower the individuals we serve to believe in themselves and the value of what they have to offer to this world.”

– Leah Hays, Agency Director

Guiding Beliefs and Values

  • We believe in the innate worth of individuals and their right to receive assistance and support within their own communities to reach their full potential. 
  • We believe that the best way to build relationships that inspire and empower the people we serve is through the active participation in their activities of daily living.
  • We believe in the virtue of personal choice. Individuals are active agents in their services and have every right to participate in their selection of services and the goals they would like to pursue. 
  • We believe in building partnerships and relationships with individuals, their families, and with our developmental and intellectual disability support network communities and organizations. 
  • We believe in our contribution to a better world for everyone, and that we cannot make change on our own. Our partnerships and interactions with other organizations within our DD and ID communities should be based on mutual respect and with a joint purpose of serving others to the highest of standards, with collaboration and innovation in mind.
  • We believe that the people who make up The Opportunity Club are our biggest asset and will do our upmost best to continually invest in our workforce as our organization grows. We aim to promote a work culture of accountability, service excellence, and recognition. 
  • We believe in our creativity and resourcefulness to provide cost-effective solutions that jointly benefit our clients and our local governments. The Opportunity Club’s joint knowledge, expertise, and efficiency serves as an ultimate asset to our company and our community. 
  • We believe that creating an environment that encourages innovation and the sharing of ideas is how we well develop even better ways to serve our clients and community. 
  • We believe in the power of stability for those we serve, and believe housing is a right, not a privilege. We will do our upmost best to assist people in meeting their most basic of needs as a foundation for optimal growth. 
  • We believe that supporting our communities and neighborhoods with volunteerism and philanthropy provides unity, acceptance, and understanding that we all have something valuable to contribute.

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