We know hiring can be a full-time job. We provide quality candidates to employers, decreasing the cost of advertising and recruiting, and the amount of time invested in finding the right person for the job.

Some of the employers we have partnered with have taken advantage of WORKING INTERVIEWS where a job ready candidate comes into the workplace to demonstrate their initial level of skill and ability to complete tasks expected. (Candidates are insured by SAIF and this service is of no cost to employers)

The Opportunity Club’s Employment specialists provide CONTINUOUS SUPPORT to employers. We build ongoing relationships with employers to ensure workplace employment satisfaction. Our job coaches can jump back in to help a candidate learn new skills, promote, or build upon existing skill level and problem solve.

The Opportunity Club’s Employment Specialists provide JOB COACHING to ensure initial training led by employers is mastered and retained. We build upon a clients independence with work tasks through assessing and improving upon their skills with task analysis reviews which provide opportunities for innovative support and creative accommodations or alternative techniques to complete tasks successfully.

Employer Benefits

  • Economic Incentives: Employers who hire individuals who experience barriers to employment such as a developmental disability can earn a Work Opportunity Tax Credit. https://www.oregon.gov/employ/businesses/pages/work-opportunity-tax-credit.aspx
  • Dependable Employees: The Opportunity Club works alongside job seekers who are motivated, dedicated, and take pride in their work. Our job coaches utilize the concepts of health psychology to encourage a positive attitude that is infectious and boosts overall workplace moral.
  • Free: Our Employment Specialists support you and your team every step of the way. All of our services are of no cost to you, and we are extremely proud of what we do to connect amazing people to the best employers around.
  • We provide disability inclusion training to increase understanding in the workplace of all abilities, reduce stigma, and build skills in learning how to communicate with individuals who learn differently.
  • Accommodations and Innovative Solutions– Our team is composed of some of the brightest, most innovative employment specialists in Oregon. We love learning the systems at your workplace and creating individualized accommodations for employees.
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