Job Seekers

You got this.

From Resume to Payday,

We’ve got your back every step of the way.

The Opportunity Club is contracted with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation to provide supported employment services to adults in our community who experience barriers to employment.

Leah Hays, Agency Director

Services We Offer:

  • Career Exploration: There are so many different types of jobs you could be great at! We will help you to explore possible career options that interest you.
  • Discovery: We support you in finding a job in your community that fits your skills, interests, and passion. Discover your dream job!
  • Portfolio Building: Work with your Employment Specialist to make a resume, and write cover letters that are specific to jobs you want to apply for.
  • Interview preparation: The Opportunity Club’s Employment Specialists will prepare you for interviews with “mock interviews” where we practice your answers and build your confidence. If you’d like help picking out the perfect interview outfit we can take you shopping and support you in paying for this investment.
  • Job Coaching: Our team’s job coaches will support you in building connections with your coworkers and create positive, supportive relationships with your managers. Job coaches are there to help you learn and master new tasks on the job, and create innovative systems to ensure you are successful at work.
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