Our History

Our agency director, Leah Hays came across this line of work as if the Universe had sent a sign specially for her. After spending many years working in early childhood development, she was looking for a new career that would build upon her existing knowledge of human development. In a chance encounter with an Occupational Therapist she learned about how healthcare professionals support individuals in creating innovative solutions to ensure they are able to live life fully regardless of injury, illness, or disability.

Inspired by this concept, Leah went back to Portland State to pursue a degree in Health Sciences and Psychology. While going to school she joined an amazing disability advocacy agency called, “Bridge City Mentors” where she learned how to be a Direct Support Professional. 

With education and experience backing her, Leah founded The Opportunity Club in January 2020, and the rest is history! 

A brief note from the Agency Director, Leah Hays:

My past role as a Direct Support Professional was so incredibly rewarding; not only did I learn how to support others to live their best life, I gained an enormous amount of knowledge that benefited my personal life.

I learned how to set boundaries, advocate for myself, and improve my sense of belonging.

I knew that I could lead a team who embraced the potential of themselves and others to create a positive impact in our community.

I wanted to be part of the change my clients longed for, an agency that only treated others with respect, care, and compassion.

We love our clients!

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