Our Team

Leah Hays

Agency Director

Leah has a BS in Health Sciences and a Minors degree in Psychology. Prior to becoming The Opportunity Club’s Director, Leah worked as a Direct Support Professional for another local agency, and as an Early Learning Center Director. Leah is passionate about supporting and assisting our clients and staff to live their best lives possible. Some of Leah’s hobbies include photography, reading, yoga, and art. This agency has been a dream come true, and Leah is thankful for the support of her partner, daughter, friends, and companionship of her pets.

Gabrielle Tor

Direct Support Professional

Gabrielle joined The Opportunity Club with some previous experience working as a Direct Support Professional. Currently holding a BS in Psychology, Gabrielle is back in school working towards her masters degree. Some of Gabrielle’s favorite things are being outdoors, hanging with her friends and family, and cooking a gorgeous meal. Gabrielle also enjoys baking, paddle boarding, and playing the guitar!

Rene Zaner

Direct Support Professional

Rene has been doing this type of work her whole life, it’s dear to her heart, and part of who she is. Outside of work she enjoy rocks, making jewelry with them, and admiring all the beauty they bring. Previously she experienced homelessness and found that once she became housed and back on her feet, the experience had brought her a lot of compassion and life experience that supports her ability to relate to our clients who have experienced housing instability.

“Whatever I can do to help others have a better life, I want to do it.” – Rene Zaner

Jaime Fernandez

Job Coach & Direct Support Professional

Jaime has a BA in Spanish Studies and Social Work from Portland State University. Prior to The Opportunity Club Jaime was a manager at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Jaime is passionate about sports, and feels being a mentor is a rewarding career.

Brianna Blair

Direct Support Professional

Brianna was drawn to being a Direct Support Professional because she appreciates the opportunity to support clients in connecting to community resources and helping others to thrive. She loves to get to know people, have fun, and ensure that all of our community members are included into our society in a meaningful way. She love animals SO MUCH (all animals), she loves to draw, loves art, and likes to learn about science and psychology. Her hobbies include going out into nature and observing the beauty of flowers, take landscape photos, drawing nature, and practicing her foraging skills.

Alina Bowers

Direct Support Professional

Alina joined The Opportunity Club after working in childcare for many years. She finished her BA degree with a Human Development major with the intent to broaden her horizons and understand how to help others professionally.  Alina knew that she enjoyed being a positive influence in others’ lives, and feels lucky to have found The Opportunity Club where she works in a person centered career. She enjoys supporting others while learning more about those she works with and the society we live in. Alina believes deeply in upholding equal rights for all, and loves empowering others to achieve their goals. She enjoys helping others to live the life they love, and finds meaning alongside peace of mind with this career. 

Colleen Ezeobi

Direct Support Professional

Colleen joined The Opportunity Club as a way to switch careers and explore a field that she feels is something she’s actually been doing her whole life with friends and family. Colleen is passionate about health and enjoys supporting our clients in connecting to community resources and in making friends. Some of her hobbies are making jewelry, crocheting, sewing, creative cooking, thrift shopping to find historical vintage items, and roller skating. Colleen also is a world traveler! She has been to many countries including Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Austria, the Gambia, Senegal, Canada, all over the USA, including 5 islands in Hawaii!

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